Month: June 2018

How to Overcome Looking Young at Work

Looking ten years younger is flattering when you’re fifty, but it’s downright challenging when you’re twenty-five. Trying to move up the corporate ladder when you look like a high school sophomore isn’t impossible, but it does require that you use clever tactics to make people forget about your appearance and concentrate on what you can […]

Why You Should Learn About the Stock Market

For most of us, investing remains a risky endeavor. Looking at the nightly financial news one thing is clear – markets rise and markets go down. For many of us, the temptation might be to pack it all in and forget about savings/investing or a comfortable retirement. Ask 26 different economists about the state of […]

Want To Be Wealthy? Don’t Stop Dreaming!

If I asked 100 people if they would like to be rich, I’m sure at least 98 of them would answer yes. Their answer might range from, “maybe if the conditions were right” to “YES, and make it fast!” Most people think of the wealthy as being reserved and probably a bit cautious. The thinking […]