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The Bankruptcy Filing Numbers Down, Bad News for a Bankruptcy Attorney

Recently, the bankruptcy filing rate came out and it shows that less Americans are filing for bankruptcy to eliminate their debt. According to the bankruptcy filing data, the number of Americans filing bankruptcy dropped from the same period last year ending September 30, 2012. The greatest decrease was those filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy which declined […]

How to Use Facebook For Business?

More than 100 million people use Facebook mainly for business purposes. Because Facebook is focused on people, anyone can use it as an effective marketing tool. If you have a blog or a website that promotes products and services, you’ll obtain an exponential growth just by using this social network. So, how to use Facebook […]

3 Aspects of a Business Plan

You probably want to write a: Focused, Intentional and Successful Small Business Plan. That’s where a business entrepreneur coach (like me) comes in. The first thing to know about writing your plan is that it’s not about the money. What is it about, then? 1. It’s about energy and talent. 2. It’s about commitment and […]

How to Overcome Looking Young at Work

Looking ten years younger is flattering when you’re fifty, but it’s downright challenging when you’re twenty-five. Trying to move up the corporate ladder when you look like a high school sophomore isn’t impossible, but it does require that you use clever tactics to make people forget about your appearance and concentrate on what you can […]

Why You Should Learn About the Stock Market

For most of us, investing remains a risky endeavor. Looking at the nightly financial news one thing is clear – markets rise and markets go down. For many of us, the temptation might be to pack it all in and forget about savings/investing or a comfortable retirement. Ask 26 different economists about the state of […]

Top 3 Quickest Ways to Start Your Home Based Business Online

The idea of making money online is enticing because it is something we can do from the comfort of our own home. Many of us could use the additional cash to help pay off our credit cards, save for a family vacation, buy that car you have always wanted or whatever else it is you […]